The Domination of Women by Men

Women Studies / April 23, 2015 / No Comments /
A discussion of the interrelations among men and women with reference to Fitzgerald’s `The Great Gatsby`, Ibsen’s “A Doll’s House` and Shakespeare’s `Othello`.

This paper explores the domination of women by men. In Shakespeare’s `Othello`, Ibsen’s `A Doll’s House” and F. Scott Fitzgerald’s `The Great Gatsby`, we see examples of this phenomena quite clearly, with our modern eyes. The paper examines the different ways in which ideas of domination have changed shape from Elizabethan times to that of the turn of the century.
Shakespeare’s Othello is a play written by an Englishman, set in Venice. From the beginning, we see women warned by both men and women to beware of the scheming of men. an old black ram/is tupping your white ewe, shouts Iago to Desdemona’s father when he is warning him of The Moor’s abduction of her. (1.1.89 Norton Anthology 2102) When Othello defends his marriage to Desdemona, he is accused of practicing witchcraft upon her. (1.2.64-64) Yet when he explains, we are assured both by the beauty of his words, by Desdemona, and by the reaction of the men listening to him that it was only the beauty of his stories that charmed her, not any sinister power he might have.

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