Sexual Harassment

Women Studies / April 23, 2015 / No Comments /
This paper examines the issue of sexual harassment and shows that the legal system is not providing enough protection for women in the work place.

This paper examines the legal definition and nature of sexual discrimination. It then considers the different definitions and employments of the term “sexual harassment” that have been proposed by feminist scholars and by women and men in the workforce today. It highlights the type of “work” that employers and employees, both male and female, need to do, to build a more equal footing for women. It further shows that taking legal action is important when appropriate, but rather than focus only on the law, the feminist movement must focus on the psychological and social attitudes and conversation patterns of employers and employees, which cannot always be legislated.
“This paper will show that although legal recourse is important in eradicating sexual harassment from the workplace, the legal definition of sexual harassment is not enough and cannot be enough to adequately address all of the discrimination women face in their working lives. The feminist movement must constantly work through other means than the legal system. Through the fashioning of alternate definitions of harassment the feminist movement must provide women with an alternate vocabulary to express the different barriers and kinds of obstacles they encounter, from both within and without, as working individuals. Legal action is an important recourse but it is only one among many, as far as feminism can be concerned. ”

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