Sex Industry in Thailand

Women Studies / April 23, 2015 / No Comments /
Focus on subjugation & victimization of women. Context in which sex industry developed incl. Vietnam War, emigration, demographics. History of sex trafficking of Southeast Asian women.

The sex industry in Thailand represents a major social problem in a developing part of the world and contributes to the continued subjugation of women in the region. The trade is fueled by young women migrating from rural to urban regions, often recruited for this very purpose, and also depends on the importation of women from rural regions in nearby countries, notably Burma. The trade has shifted much of the population, as might be expected, and so has also reduced the number of women agricultural workers remaining in rural regions.

The Vietnam War has direct responsibility for the development of the sex industry in Thailand because during that conflict, U.S. troops used Thailand as a rest and recreation..

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