Sex in the City

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An analysis of the TV series “Sex in the City” and an explanation of how this depicts women’s sexuality in the 1990’s.

The writer of this paper claims that men are scared off by sexually assertive females of the 1990’s. Drawing on articles written in ‘Time’ and ‘Mademoiselle’ which criticize and analyze the TV series `Sex in the City`, the writer uses scenes from the series to demonstrate this sexual independence and men’s fears.
“The thesis of the article is that men are afraid of women who are as sexually assertive as the women of HBO’s Sex & the City. Rather than being frigid and anxious about their fertility, a la Ally McBeal, women of the 90’s are more likely to be interested in immediate sexual satisfaction. Recalling a conversation with her girlfriend “Patty,” age 25 and a production assistant at VH1, Picket recalls:

…Anyway, we were half undressed, and things had progressed to a point where I reached down to my purse on the floor for a condom. And then he said, “I don’t think we should do that.”
Recalling the moment, her eyes are wide with shock and not a little indignation “I was interested in a one-night stand,” Patty tells me. “Use me, it’s okay!” she says, laughing. She looks at me over her Caesar salad and says in a less confident voice, “What do you think happened?” (Picket 65)”

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