Cyborgs and Feminist Writers

Women Studies / April 23, 2015 / No Comments /
A look at the advantages and problems of the science fiction concept of a cyborg, from an artistic and feminist point of view.

“There are many different interpretations of what a cyborg might be and how it may be useful or not for feminist writers to use to describe the female situation. The cyborg defiantly presents us with some exciting new possibilities for what our bodies might be or encompass, and how we might experience our reality or realities. Though one must understand that these possibilities are only for those who have the technology, only the Internet and the networks that it allows to exist can really be seen to possibly act as a place of liberation from gender, race etc. It is in the end though a fictional environment, and the cyborg still is a fictional and metaphorical creature, which is over theorised and hence too impractical to relate to real women’s lives. ”

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