Basketball Fundamentals

Sport / April 23, 2015 / No Comments /
Discusses aspects of the game, basics, skills development, coaching, character building.

“Despite the differences at various levels of basketball–professional, college, high school, grad school–there are fundamentals which must be taught at every level. The players must learn to know the score, the number of fouls, and the skill level of the opponent. They should know if the opponent is right or left-handed or whether he or she prefers to drive to the basket or shoot long. Other useful lessons include recognizing different types of defense, knowing if another player is hot or cold, maintaining eye contact, passing effectively, receiving a pass effectively, mastering shooting skills (lay-ups and rebounds), blocking out, concentrating, anticipating where the ball will bounce on a missed shot, dribbling, how to guard a man who has the ball and one who does not have the ball, when to shoot or not, stealing the ball…”

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