The Practice of Groupthink

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The following paper discusses research that has shed an increased degree of light on the traditional concept of group debate and collective decision making processes.

The following essay is a critical examination of the influences and effects surrounding the concept of group dynamics in the decision making process, with particular reference to the events that occurred on April 17 of 1961 when a number of revolutionaries emerged from the waters of Bahia de Chochinos, or Bay of Pigs. Operation Rice Bowl and the events that occurred on April 24, 1980 in Tehran, Iran are also used as case examples.

Table of Contents

Disastrous Decisions
A Short History of a Long Standing Process
Groupthink Defined & Explained
The Voice of Opposition
The Voice of Advocacy
An Objective Observation of the Issue
A Needless Repetition

“This covert and misguided operation, which has come to be known as the Bay of Pigs Invasion, has come down through the annals of U.S. military history as being one of the most disastrous and embarrassing fiascos ever involving American troops and governmental planning. Prior to the implementation of the operation, a special advisory committee consisting of the top military minds of America had been assembled to discuss and decide what must be done regarding Fidel Castro and the situation in Cuba. Endorsed by President John F. Kennedy, this group of advisors was designed to bring together a variety of ideas and methodology and ultimately decide on the best avenue of action regarding the strained and explosive relations between the United States and Cuba.”

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