Sexual Democracy

Sociology / April 23, 2015 / No Comments /
A look at expression of sexuality and society’s attitude to certain promiscuous behavior.

This paper examines the work of Milan Kundera and his writing on sexuality, sexual politics, political struggle and power. The author looks at the theories of Foucault as well as Giddens to analyze various theories on the subject and to assess Western cultures. A look at arguments about dichotomy and sexual democracy in today’s society.
“Milan Kundera’s short story collection, Laughable Loves, does a wonderful job of exploring sexuality, and its dynamic. He is able to step away from his characters, and simply observe the actions and thoughts that run though their each character’;s mind. Also, Kundera’;s work is useful because we get to bounce the ideas, especially of sexual politics and the corners people back themselves into, as well as the shifts in power, with regard to this political struggle”

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