Satanism and Adolescence

Sociology / April 23, 2015 / No Comments /
This essay discusses the various reasons why teenagers become interested in Satanism, most markedly for power.

This paper examines why Satanism is attractive to teenagers. The author discusses how satanic religious practices offer adolescents total self-indulgence, self power and a complete license to indulge in the forbidden. The paper also discusses how in this era as the society is in a constant flux of change and teenagers feel adrift in face of societal changes they become interested in such things as Satanism.
“The personality profile of an adolescent susceptible to cult overtures might include identity confusion or crisis; alienation from family; weak cultural, religious, and community ties; and feelings of powerlessness in a seemingly out-of-control world. Studies have indicated that a surprising number of cult members come from democratic and egalitarian homes and upper socioeconomic levels, rather than over permissive, overindulgent, dysfunctional, and poor families. In fact, reports that many cults focus on the recruitment of gifted and creative adolescents. Therefore, it is extremely difficult to delineate a precise portrait of potential adolescent cult members.”

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