Mental Illness in Corrections

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The paper studies the problem of mentally ill in correctional facilities.

This paper explores aspects of the mentally ill in correctional facilities. It discusses why the number of mentally ill in prisons and jails is rising. It discusses problems the mentally ill face in prison, such as abuse, suicide, the inability of prisons to care for them properly, and release and recidivism. The paper also discusses some solutions to these problems.
“Correctional facilities face many problems when dealing with different types of inmates. Many inmates have different or special needs. One of these groups of inmates is the mentally ill. The number of mentally ill offenders in correctional facilities is rising and because of this, prisons and jails have become one of the primary types of psychiatric treatment centers. In fact, “Jails in most major cities contain a larger number of severely mentally ill people than the local mental health hospitals” (Sigurdson, 2001, p70). Mental illness affects the inmate’s behavior in prison and how they are treated by other inmates and the staff. This creates problems for the correctional facilities as well as the inmates. Some problems include abuse, busing, suicide, and recidivism. Topics that will be discussed are the rise of mentally ill in correctional facilities, problems that this creates, and some solutions to these problems. The staff do not know how to deal with the mentally ill and, as a result, the mentally ill often do not receive the treatment they need in order to be rehabilitated so that they can function normally in society. Changes need to be made in correctional facilities in order to provide treatment for mentally ill offenders so that they can receive the help and rehabilitation that they need.”

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