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A look at immigration into the United States.

This paper addresses one of the current problems of immigration that is facing the United States today. The author explains how the federal plan is to find ways to document all illegal Mexican immigrants which will lead to several challenges. The writer takes us on an exploration of those challenges and shows us the two sides of the debate. In addition, the writer discusses what this plan means for those who currently work in the immigration field.
“When the United States Census Bureau announced last year that Hispanics will soon be the largest population in America soon, many ears in the White House perked up. Politicians are always interested in the majority vote and the census claims the Hispanics will soon have that market cornered. There are an estimated 6 to 11 million illegal Mexican immigrants living and working in the United States at this time. Their numbers are making national headlines and their children are enrolled in our schools. Each year millions more try and cross the border and come to the US. Many succeed and many fail. The problem has become almost epidemic and at this point if we were to send them all home we would be hurting our agricultural industry according to the experts. It is a dilemma that we need to deal with soon, and the question is what to do?”

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