Effects of Stigmatization

Sociology / April 23, 2015 / No Comments /
A look at how stigmatization may effect the person experiencing it.

This paper examines the effect that stigmatization has on self-esteem. The author looks at how stigmatized groups are impacted. Included in the research is an analysis and careful explanation of stigmatization and how this comes in to play in social settings.
“The question of the nature of the exact effect of making discrimination attributions on (already) stigmatized groups is a complex one, in part because the ways in which different groups are stigmatized and the degree to which they are stigmatized are not the same. This must considered to be the major weakness of the research being pursued within this field: It is too inclined to downplay the significant differences between different stigmatized groups. However, it seems clear that in general there is a relationship between making such attributions and an exacerbation in the effect of the degree of stigmatization in terms of self-handicapping, (increased) negative by both in-group and out-group members and impact on self- esteem. This paper reviews the literature on this topic.”

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