Education and Race

Sociology / April 23, 2015 / No Comments /
An analysis of why inequality exists between races within the American education system.

An analysis of why Caucasians achieve higher grades and go on to further education, compared to other ethnic races. The paper argues that rather than innate racial characteristics, the background of the students and their economic status play large roles.
“Race has been a very popular research tool for sociologists since the field became popular decades ago. The relations between black, white, Native American, Asian, Hispanic, and many varying races have been studied for years, in hope that answers can be found to the ever-present problems of racism and equality. The General Social Survey, in 1993, performed a study on the difference between races regarding education. One of the questions that they asked on the survey was the amount of years of education that each person had received. The results illustrated that whites were likely to stay in school longer than African Americans and “other” races asked in the survey. The survey showed that Caucasian students, on average, stayed in school a full year longer than African Americans, and about a third of a year longer than other races.”

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