Discrimination and Prejudice in Our World’s Societies

Sociology / April 23, 2015 / No Comments /
A free thought discussion of discrimination and prejudice in our world’s societies and how it occurs.

It is difficult to say whether prejudice and discrimination are unavoidable. As far as I have witnessed and as far as our textbook is concerned it has always existed, whether we like to believe it or not it will probably always exist as well. Every society has its norms, from law to ritual to language, and every person within a certain society is taught to obey the norms that go along with where they live. Those who deviate from the norms that we have set for ourselves, or that our leaders have set for us, are considered to be weird by society’s standards; the society is which you live is the only society which is going to matter. Those who deviate are labeled as wrong by our standards, for we punish them either through the legal system or through unfair treatment.

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