The Stained Glass Window of Riverside Church

Religion and Theology / April 23, 2015 / No Comments /
Describes the author’s impressions of a window at a church depicting the life of Christ.

This paper gives the author’s personal impressions of a stained glass window depicting the life of Christ. The window, located at the Riverside Church in New York, is described and reflected upon by the author.
“The stained glass window that I saw was one of Christ as an adult showing images like the story on a child’s picture book. The bright colored lights that seemed to glow out of the sun into the vast dark stone structure. I loved those vivid images that showed facial expressions in such detail and accuracy. The path of the images that made a story was structured rather like an inverted ?U?. The middle of the arch showed the images of Christ and his disciples perhaps The Last Supper. I could not give all the information in accurate detail because there were some images that I thought more striking to me than the others. ”

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