The Month of Fasting In Islam

Religion and Theology / April 23, 2015 / No Comments /
An analysis of the Muslim concept of fasting, including the fasting of the month of Ramadan.

“The Quran has made clear the importance of one of its pillars, to fast during the month of Ramadan. Fasting in Ramadan is part of the broader program that Islam assigns for man to fulfill his moral and spiritual destiny in this world and in the Hereafter. The Arabic word for fasting is “siyam” which means to leave something or to avoid it. Literally defined, fasting means to abstain “completely” from foods, drinks, intimate intercourse and smoking, before the break of dawn till sunset, during the entire month of Ramadan (the ninth month of the Islamic year). But if we restrict the meaning of the Islamic Fasting to this literal sense, we would be sadly mistaken.”

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