Reflection on Guido Reni’s Immaculate Conception

Religion and Theology / April 23, 2015 / No Comments /
The author’s view of this work of art and how it follows the tradition of other pieces based on the same theme.

`What I first notice about Mary was her physical stature she was rather elongated in figure, much longer than the Schone Madonna yet she had the gentle curves on her body and the flowing garment that cascaded down her figure. I did see a disproportion in the curves of her womanly shape. What I saw was the slight and subtle curve at her belly and like her hips curved a little bigger than her body. Like the title indicates it is – The Immaculate Conception? and I can understand why she has those subtle signs of one month or a weeks? number pregnancy. I noticed that only the physique and the flow of garment the way the folds of the garment were like a baby waterfall.`

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