Reflection on El Greco’s Christ Carrying the Cross

Religion and Theology / April 23, 2015 / No Comments /
Personal reflection of El Greco’s `Christ Carrying the Cross` on exhibit at the New York Metropolitan Museum.

` As I entered the hall, I saw that it was of a religious air seeing the painted dishes and images of The Madonna. But want caught my eye was the painting by El Greco – Domenico Theotocopoulus entitled Christ Carrying The Cross 1580. Though the titles stated what it is, Christ carrying His cross, each and every intricate detailed seemed to give it more effect. I first looked at Christ’s eyes that were looking up at something, was it heaven? Was it the sky? Or perhaps in is Father God. His eyes seemed to illuminate at the pupils and the back round of the dark sky showing gray and gloomy clouds signifying rain. Yet deep at the center of the gathering of rain clouds there was a hint of light peeking through as if some celestial spectator wished to look at him.`

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