Non-Western Religions

Religion and Theology / April 23, 2015 / No Comments /
Emphasis on prehistoric & tribal religions; myth, ritual, Buddhist animism, shamanism, Hindu cosmology.

“This research examines non-Western religions. The research will set forth the general nature of the human religious experience, with particular emphasis on prehistoric and tribal religions and then discuss this experience at the basic levels of myth, ritual, symbolism, animism, shamanism, rites of initiation, with a view toward identifying both how primitive religious consciousness may prefigure later Western religious structures and how the non-Western aspects of those structures might persist irrespective of Western divergences therefrom.

“According to the sociologist Max Weber, the difference between primitive and historic-era religious traditions is the difference between magical and rational explanations of human experience of the universe (Gerth and Mills 51). But even in the modern period, attachments to nonrational explanations for or sense….”

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