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This paper examines the issue of faith.

This paper contrasts and compares how God is viewed by the three major religions, Christianity, Islam and Judaism. The author uses the Quran, Bible and Old Testament to illustrate differences and similarities of how these religions view God. Some of the topics discussed include how God, faith, heaven and the prophets are perceived in all three religions.
“Thus was the beginning of the second people of the Book. In the days of Jesus they were passerbys upon the earth, transient disciples and students. They should not have a place to lay their head, nor should they worry for tomorrow, for the Lord would lead them. In the later days and later books, surely, greater fear was given unto them, and greater regard as well for the deity of Christ. In that day they established communes to live in peace one with another, and later would they establish nations, but this is not written in the works of Matthew. Indeed, long forgotten and longer lost are the radical wanderings in poverty that accompanied the students of Jesus. For this was before Paul and John created in him the status of God, and indeed before the revolution became an institution.”

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