A Look at The Door of Saints

Religion and Theology / April 23, 2015 / No Comments /
Personal reflection of this work of art, and how it relates to its setting.

This paper describes “The Door of Saints” at the Cathedral of St John in Manhattan, New York. The author describes her impressions upon seeing the door at the church.
“The cathedral at 110th Street in Manhattan was named The Cathedral of Saint John the Divine. I did not know that it was an Episcopalian Church until I saw the flag symbolizing the faith. But the title that was put on the cathedral and what faith it taught was insignificant because of it’s grandeur and majesty. The first and foremost part of the cathedral that was visited was the North Door. It did represent a Romanesque cathedral but the statues of all the saints and martyrs seemed to tell a legend and a history lesson at the same time. To me it was also like a quick religion quiz in my head looking at the clues of the saints helping to identify whom was who. ”

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