A Covenant of Coercion -The Treatment of Dhimmis Under Medieval Islamic Law

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The following paper explores the origins of Islam, focusing on the traditional spiritualism of India with the emergence of the Prophet Muhammad in the seventh century A.D.

This paper examines how Islam’s long history of persecution and discrimination aimed at religion outside the realm of Muslim belief, leads to the conclusion that Islam is neither a tolerant religion nor a compromising civilization. The violent terrorist actions of many of today’s modern Muslims serve only to underscore this basic belief.

Table of contents

The Seventh Century – The Peaceful Pact of Dhimma,
The Medieval Era – The Deterioration of Dhimma

“It was tolerance and patience that Paul the Apostle preached with these words to the Thessalonians of biblical Greece, along with a warning that iniquity, or gross injustice, was even then rampant among mankind. As history unfolded, Paul’s words of warning were to materialize among the Thessalonians, as well as among the majority of Eastern Europe’s civilized world, disguised in a face of tolerance. This face of tolerance called itself Islam.”

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