The War On Drugs

Public Administration / April 23, 2015 / No Comments /
This paper examines America’s war on drugs in the recent years.

This paper describes the need for fighting drug use in America. It details the facts on different drugs, illegal drug use. It also details drug addiction and the effects it has on people. The paper studies the three basic categories of health risk of Drug Abuse: simple side effects, overdose, and the ability to react correctly to danger. It describes the efforts America has made to render drugs illegal. It discusses the comparison of drugs to alcohol and the necessity of rendering all drugs illegal.
The South is no longer trying to secede. The Germans aren’t going to bomb us; the Great Depression has been relieved; the Japs have been bombed; and the communist scare is over. Cuba is just an island nation now, and only threatens us with prepubescent refugees. However, no nation can keep its citizens happy for long without some kind of external threat — something to explain the high taxes and low public services. So it is that at the dawn of the new millennium, America finds itself facing one of the greatest dangers known to mankind: mind altering drugs. To protect itself, the nation is waging an expensive, high-profile, and full-out war on drugs.

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