The Purpose of Assertive Behavior

Psychology / April 23, 2015 / No Comments /
A look at the role assertive behavior plays in developing self esteem.

This paper looks at several approaches by different authorities regarding assertive behavior and the role it has in improving self-esteem. The paper then draws conclusions about the improvement of self esteem based on the information that is presented.
“One way that a person can improve his or her self esteem is to practice assertive behavior. Assertive behavior can be defined as the ability to maintain control over a person’s behavior and emotions in order to achieve the goals, results, or communications that he or she seeks. behavior is not aggressive and manipulative. Assertive actions are based on reason and self-awareness rather than as an emotional response to a situation. The authors of the book Don’t Say Yes When You Want to Say No state, “People with Excitatory Personalities do not fear their feelings. Frightened neither of closeness not combat, they act out of strength. The excitatory man knows who he is, what he wants. He is assertive” (17). The individual’s strength is used to communicate needs and ideas rather than coercing other people. Traditional theories such as those of authors H. Fensterheim and J. Baer have several valid concepts, but they have limitations.”

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