Spanking is Not Child Abuse

Psychology / April 23, 2015 / No Comments /
The following paper discusses whether spanking is considered child abuse according to pediatric physicians.

This paper looks at the ethical question of spanking children as a method of discipline, by comparing it with other methods of disciplining. The author contends that helping your child to handle his own frustration and anger calmly helps him feel good about himself.
“In a recent survey by the AAP they were divided in their opinion. Of parents surveyed 80% admitted they spanked. Only 10% felt spanking was a good method of discipline. The other 70% regretted wanted to find other methods. Controlled spanking is not child abuse, but it can lead to abuse if the parent is angry, frustrated, and out of control.According to Black’s Law Dictionary, child abuse is, An intentional or neglectful physical or emotional injury imposed on a child, including sexual molestation. As for battery, it is The application of force to another, resulting in harmful or offensive contact. Most spanking incidents, therefore, do not in any way fall under the definition of child abuse.”

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