Silence, Subterfuge or Sacrifice

Psychology / April 23, 2015 / No Comments /
This paper examines the narrow choices of homosexuals in a straight labor market.

This paper looks at the controversial issue of the treatment of homosexuals in the workplace. The author discusses how in the male-dominated market there still remains an intense negativity towards gay employees. The paper explores how this discrimination not only affects the socio-economical problems for gay individuals, but affects the nation. The author discusses studies where the majority of gay or lesbian workers continue to remain silent in the workplace regarding their alternate sexual orientation for fear of job loss.
“The last half of the twentieth century marked an era of worldwide progress and change unparalleled in the history of civilization. It was an era in which many long-standing barriers of social and economical segregation and stratification were battered down by the progressive and productive concepts of integration and assimilation. In the fifty years that encompassed this half-century of change, many traditional discrimination regarding race, gender and power were overcome and both sexual and ethnic minorities gained considerable ground in the areas of social and economical equality.”

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