Sexual Addiction

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This paper describes the problem of sexual addiction and its effects on daily life.

This paper takes an in-depth look at the issue of sexual addiction and explains how this affects the individual’s life from a social, personal and financial point of view. It provides a definition what sexual addiction is and goes on to list levels (or severity) of the problem. The writer then discusses what makes a person an addict and examines Freud’s theory on the phenomenon.
“A sexual addiction results from an abuse of the natural sex drive that each person is born with. The abuse can start at any time in life and then progresses until it becomes a compulsion which the sexually addicted person cannot cope with. The sexual addiction eventually affects every part of the person’s life, including self-respect, relationships with family and friends, and finances and career. It is a fix that the sexually addicted person will do just about anything to get, and usually hurt themselves in the process. Sexual addiction is a disease and nothing fun or romantic depicted in the movies is true”

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