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An insight into the principles of classification and division.

This paper examines the process of classification or division of a whole entity into numerous specific groups. It shows how dividing organizations, government, studies, written works and species of plants and animals into specific categories allows for more complete or focused attention to be applied to specifically functioning members within the given macrocosm. Special emphasis is placed on the classification of the human body into categories such as skeletal, muscular, endocrine, nervous, cardiovascular, lymphatic, respiratory, digestive, urinary and reproductive systems. Each system has a specific job, but all systems work together in order to keep the body alive and properly functioning. This paper shows how classification, separation and combined efforts of the human body has been used as the model after which societies, governments and their militia have been formed.
“Whether focus is upon a government structure, a company, a military structure or upon the individual human body, specific compartmental functions can be singled out and identified. Although no specific function can truly be described as being greater than another function, the overall entity will not be able to operate smoothly without the specific capabilities exerted by even the seemingly smallest of its divisions. The briefest of trips to a doctor’s office will reveal a cosmos within a cosmos that is so complex, various medical specialties have come about in order to treat the individual categories more completely.”

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