A Cross-Cultural Study of Five Cultures

Psychology / April 23, 2015 / No Comments /
An analysis of cross-cultural testing for several personality traits, such as impulsiveness, aggression, and play.

“Paunonen, Zeidner, Oosterveld and Maliphant (2000) used a novel personality inventory called The Nonverbal Personality Questionnaire consisting of 136 items that measured the 16 personality traits of: affiliation, exhibition, play, nurturance, aggression, dominance, achievement, endurance, order, impulsivity, social recognition, succorance, autonomy, thrill-seeking, sentience and understanding. The subjects were asked to estimate the likelihood that they would engage in such behavior or the like, for example, a drawing of an upside-down person on a chord attached to a ledge would be the equivalent of ” I like bungee jumping? in a worded personality test.”

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