The United States Government

Political Science / April 23, 2015 / No Comments /
The following paper explores the concept of a government as a system of social control.

The following paper discusses the government of the United States as one that wields a considerable amount of power, through the allocation of financial resources and the passing of legislation. This paper focuses on the tension between the need for unitary controls and the unique ability of states to address local concerns in the American political discourse.
“In the form of a social contract, written or unwritten, explicitly stated or unstated, wrested by consent of the governed or given freely, a government is vested with the power under which it has the right to make laws. A government also has the right to enforce these laws. A government may be said to be s a particular group or organizations present in a society possessing these unique abilities. There are many ways to classify forms of government. According to the classical formula, governments are distinguished by whether power is held by one man, a few individuals, or a majority.”

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