The Explosive Causes and Effects Of The Vietnam War

Political Science / April 23, 2015 / No Comments /
An examination of what and/or whom was the true catalyst of the Vietnam war.

The following paper examines the events and consequences of the Vietnam War which cost Americans many lives. The writer focuses on the issue that was created as a result of the war, that of creating the need for someone or something to blame. This paper discusses the possibility that Lyndon B. Johnson was in fact the scapegoat.
“There have been few tragedies in history as serious and as hostile as the Vietnam War. Therefore it is critical to understand the underlying triggers which caused a solvable problem to escalate into a full blown catastrophe, if we are to avoid similar mistakes in the future. The causes of America’s involvement in the war that ‘wasn’t really a war’ are numerous and varied, but can be essentially pinpointed to the election of President Lyndon B. Johnson.”

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