Palestine and Israel

Political Science / April 23, 2015 / No Comments /
The following essay examines the reasons and proposed solutions to the ending of violence in the Israeli – Palestinian conflict in the Middle East.

This paper contends that the ultimate conflict resolution in the Middle East, will only come about when both sides accept the pragmatism of partition. The author claims that as long as Israeli or Palestinian groups continue to claim the whole of the territory, undivided, there will be no end to the violence.
“John Mearsheimer in his essay The Impossible Partition, argues that partition as a solution to the Israeli-Palestine conflict has no chance “because Israel cannot be secure alongside a securely independent Palestine state” and Palestine cannot be expected to accept a sort of limited statehood that would satisfy Israeli security concerns. While in Compromising Palestine, Kliemans’ guarded but nevertheless more hopeful belief is that Partition Plus is the only realistic solution because it enables both sides to: achieve distinct political identities, reach moderate security guarantees while it recognizes that absolute security is chimera, and continue to cooperate in some areas.”

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