It Makes a Difference

Political Science / April 23, 2015 / No Comments /
A look at the social influences on the development of democracy.

This paper presents a detailed look at a civil culture’s impact on a democracy. The writer compares several indicators of civil society between a democratic nation and a non-democratic nation to see where the impact may be felt the most. Using examples such as humane treatment, animal rights and others the author examines the subtle differences between the two types of systems and determines how civil cultures impact the democratic system.
Throughout the history of the world various areas have had various political systems in place. Those systems change and they are adjusted to the needs at the time but they basically fall into one of two categories. One usually lives under a Democracy or one doesn’t. The two are so vastly different that it is easy to pinpoint the differences from an economic, political and environmental standpoint, but the system impacts these factors, not the other way around. There is one element that impacts a system of Democracy much more so than it does a non-democratic system. Having a civil society has an undeniable impact on democracy. Without a civil culture a Democracy cannot occur.

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