Creating Good Governance in the Developing World

Political Science / April 23, 2015 / No Comments /
This paper analyzes the main elements involved in building capacity ,thus creating good governance in the Third World.

This paper discusses that governance implies norms of capacity building, which are essential for improvement in the Third World. The author states that governance can yield benefits for societies as a whole, but it may never benefit the full population. The paper concludes that critical thinking is inherent in capacity building efforts.
“Other important norms of capacity building for effective governance are research, public participation and social capital among other things, all of which may be essential if countries in the developing world do not wish to fall into a maelstrom of severe interlocking and insurmountable crises.Political will embraces the concept that the political directorate should be willing and committed to the process of meaningful political, social and economic change within the context of deliberate efforts for driving such change.”

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