Charles Pickney

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A look at the life and philosophy of Charles Pickney, a federalist who contributed to forming the US constitution.

This paper discusses the life and philosophies of Charles Pickney, It focuses on the United States Constitutional Convention of 1787 and explores Pickney’s role at the Convention. It enumerates the evolution of his political philosophy over the course of his lifetime from a Federalist to a devotee of state’;s rights.
“The creation a system of government for the United States after the Revolutionary War was almost as difficult as the actual fighting of the war itself. The creation of the constitution was an inner and ideological struggle between the founding fathers of the nation, rather than an external struggle between military powers like the Revolutionary War. Still, it was a difficult and divisive time in our country’s history. The great turning point the battle for setting up a new system of government to replace the Articles of Confederation was that of the Constitutional Convention of 1787. The convention oversaw the development of the Constitution that still, in amended form, governs the United States today. ”

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