Basque Nationalism: A Comprehensive Study

Political Science / April 23, 2015 / No Comments /
This paper provides a comprehensive look at the realities of the Basque struggle and the way that it is perceived according to international media groups.

“The Basque nationalist movement is rapidly rising to the top ranks of separatist movements in Europe. However, it is one of the least understood among them. With the peace process in Northern Ireland slowly but steadily taking hold and the situation in the former Yugoslavia shakily maintaining the appearance of being under control, a vacuum has been created for the study of another European nationalism. In conjunction with this vacuum, the most brutal offensive by the Basque terrorist group ETA -Basque Homeland and Liberty- since 1992 has brought the Basque question into the spotlight. While most media sources report on only the current violence conducted by extremists, this paper will explore the various faces of Basque nationalism throughout its history.”

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