A Cosmopolitan Democracy

Political Science / April 23, 2015 / No Comments /
A discussion of a cosmopolitan democracy as a solution to the closing national boundaries brought forth by globalization.

This paper addresses the issue of rapidly diminishing national boundaries in an increasingly globalized community. The author suggests a cosmopolitan model as a possible solution.
“Our world is in a continuing state of change. This change is evident on various levels and has harbored itself most prominently in the vessel of political communities. As our global community pushes for a faster, simpler, more efficient way of life, we find ourselves face to face with various nation-states across the globe. We are witnessing the melding together of national communities on an international level as issues continue to break through the confines of national agenda and pose themselves as threats to the vital planetary interest. Globalization has become a major player in today’s political forum and the changes it has spurred necessitate a reevaluation of our present democratic system.”

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