The Law of Conservation of Energy Applied to a Rolling Sphere

Physics / April 23, 2015 / No Comments /
A report of an experiment designed to show that the law of conservation of mass is valid when applied to a rolling sphere.

“This is accomplished by demonstrating that a sphere of mass m suspended on a ramp at a height h will have a gravitational potential energy Ug = mgh and that energy will be equal to the total kinetic energy EK = 7/10mv2, where v equals the final velocity of the sphere as it leaves the ramp. Therefore, the law of conservation of mass will be verified by demonstrating the following equation: Ug = mgh = EK = 7/10mv2.

The lab is an original comprehensive work with a full theoretical background of derived equations, and tables and graphs displaying all pertinent experimental data. Several illustrations are also used to convey the details of the experimental method.”

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