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A comprehensive look at the science and theory behind magnets.

This extensive paper looks at all aspects of magnets and their unique attraction. It explains the scientific logic behind this attraction, defines what is metals and why some metals can be metallic and some not; and also looks into “false magnets”. The paper covers the history of this discovery and examines the North and South Pole’s role. It finally looks at the use magnets serve in industry and technology today.
Law of the nature is that positive attracts negative. God has created everything in pairs and examples of this pairing are found everywhere in nature. A lot of the human study and knowledge in different fields of science be it biology, chemistry, physics or mathematics revolves around the study of reciprocal pairs and their interactions. Some examples may be the masculine and feminine sex, acids and bases, positive and negative particles (i.e. electrons and protons at the atomic level), positive and negative charges (i.e. electrical charges running in wires transporting electric power) and some modern physics phenomenon such as gravitational and anti gravitational fields and matter and the theoretical anti matter. It seems that a lot of nature follows some very well cut out disciplines in orienting itself. There always seems to be some mysterious connections joining two forces that may seem to be independent of each other, but their behaviors charter similar formulae.

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