The Meaning of Being

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An analysis of the work “The Meaning of Being” by Heidegger.

An examination of the work “The Meaning of Being” by Heidegger and his philosophies on the question of being and the meaning of being. The author examines the works of Dasein and analyzes Heidegger’s meaning of fundamental ontology and existential analytic and his distinction between existential analysis and ontological inquiry.
`Heidegger begins his magisterial work, Being and Time, with the claim that the question of Being, and specifically the questioning of and into the `meaning of Being` that his philosophical work seeks to inaugurate in the form of an existential hermeneutics, must begin from Dasein. `Fundamental ontology, from which alone all other ontologies can take their rise, must be sought in the existential analytic of Dasein”

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