Creon’s Politics in Sophocles’ Antigone

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Why Creon does not fit the definition of a true politician as laid out in Plato’s `Gorgias`.

`Creon, in Sophocles? Antigone, does not meet the standards of a true politician according to Socrates? definition from Plato’s Gorgias. Socrates discusses the art of a true politician in Gorgias and asserts that a true politician follows three credos: 1) to always do what its best for the state as derived from reason, 2) to improve the soul and 3) to present strictly the truth to the people whether they have a desire to hear it or not. The true politician is just and happy as a result of his adherence to these principles. Socrates despises those who practice the pseudo-art of rhetoric and he dismisses it as a tool used to implore pleasure and avoid the truth. Creon attempts to maneuver around the truth and pursue his personal will, contrary to the desires of the Greek gods. As a result of Creon’s incompetence and refusal to effectively use reason or compromise he loses several of his kin and is left without an effective legitimacy of governing.`

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