Comparing Greek Gods to Anthem Characters

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A comparison between characters in Ayn Rands? novella “Anthem” and the actual Greek Gods from which they derived their name from.

This paper deals with how Ayn Rands? two main characters in her novella, “Anthem”, compare to the Greek Gods which they got their names from. It includes detailed information about the myths of Gaea and Prometheus and a general outline of the novella, “Anthem”. The paper explains why Ayn Rand chose the names of the two Greek Gods for her characters. The paper includes two pictures of the gods Prometheus and Gaea.
“In her novella, Anthem, Ayn Rand chose the names of two very popular and important Gods from ancient Greek myths for the names of her two main characters, Equality 7-2521 also known as Prometheus or the Unconquered, and Liberty 5-3000, also known as Gaea or the Golden One. Prometheus, the Greek God, was known as “The Rebel God”. He was the wisest Titan and the son of Iapetus and Klymene. His name means “forethought”, because he was able to foretell the future.”

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