Breast-Feeding vs. Substitutes

Nutrition / April 23, 2015 / No Comments /
Examining the facts to be considered when choosing breast-feeding over bottle feeding.

This paper details facts on the health debate in predominantly third world countries. It discusses the Nestle formula case and how marketing has made breast-feeding into something to be thought about by many mothers. It shows how before breast-feeding was the default choice of nutrition, formula has taken a large portion of the market share. Pros and cons of each choice is presented.
“Breast-feeding advocates around the world state that 1.5 million babies die each year from improper substitution of breast-feeding. That’s a death every 21 seconds. Since the 1970’s, an international battle has raged over the marketing exploits of the baby food industry. With Nestle controlling 40% of the multi-billion dollar worldwide baby milk industry, they have been the most visible target of boycotts and legislation. However, after almost 30 years in the news, it seems that neither side has made any real progress. Nestle claims it adheres to international code and provides a very necessary product; breast-feeding advocates shout bloody murder and continue their campaign. How can this debate be resolved?”

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