What Does Our Music Tell Us About Our Cultural Identity?

Music Studies / April 23, 2015 / No Comments /
Ann analysis of the ideological narratives that are at work in contemporary culture.

This paper discusses the correlation between language and culture and the ‘image’ of the musical rock stars and the ‘image’ of our society. The paper explores the concept of music and its cultural roots and shows the power of music as a mirror on our contemporary culture. The paper discusses how the music industry retains its position within our culture that indicates a disturbing degree of importance on monetary values.
“That the audience accept the hierarchy of musician and spectator, that the talent of one individual can generate money, that he or she is so revered and consequently can afford to fuel their appetite for food, clothes and jewelry, all contributes to the narrative of a society that enjoys the luxury of entertainment.
“The front cover of The Sunday Times Magazine, dated 14 November 1998, presents to us the face of Mick Jagger – charcoal coloured hair tumbling across the forehead that sweeps the tip of his eyebrows, eyeliner framing a pair of wide eyes, staring sideways into the light, full, grey lips still, sequins just visible upon his shoulders. We are transported back to the present day by the bold, sharp pink lettering printed upon his right cheek : “I’m trapped in a soap opera.

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