Parametric Analyses of two Twentieth Century Songs

Music Studies / April 23, 2015 / No Comments /
A musical analysis of two songs, including “Christmas at the Cloisters”.

“The form of the piece is essentially a ternary with an extended coda. The initial A extends from measure 1 to measure 32. The contrasting B section extends from measure 33 to measure 42. A extends from measure 45, to measure 73 leaving the coda from measure 74 to the end of the piece. Also, A and A contain internal repeats. Within A, measures 19-32 are essentially a repeat of measures 5-18, disregarding the text. Within A, the music for measures 43-56 is essentially identical to the previous two iterations. However, the second repeat within A (measures 57-73) is varied, explained in greater depth below. ”

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