Antonia Salieri

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The following essay takes a look at Antonia Salieri’s life, his style, achievements and role in musical history.

This paper suggests that Salieri’s genius lay in his work for theater and not in instrumental pieces for according to the author of this paper he tended to become emotionally repetitive in the composing of concertos

Table of Contents

Early Years
Style and Period
Musical Literature
Role in Music History
What I Listened To

“He showed musical ability even as a young child, and was studying music by the age of ten. Only a few years later he was orphaned. His talent, however, won him the attentions of Florian Gassman, the court Kapellmeister in Vienna, who took it upon himself to nurture the boy’s potential. Salieri became quite popular at court and developed a personal friendship with the emperor himself, which led to regular invitations to attend the many musical and social gatherings of the city.”

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