The Abortion Pill

Medical and Health / April 23, 2015 / No Comments /
This paper looks at the ethics debate over the abortion pill, RU-486.

This paper examines the controversial topic of abortion in the U.S., particularly non-surgical abortion through the use of the pill RU-486. The author looks at the social, legal, political, and cultural issues surrounding the abortion pill.
“Into what is already one of the most intense and polarizing ethical and philosophical issues of the late 20th century in the United States ” the debate over induced abortion” moves a new element, the medical (i.e. non-surgical) form of abortion that is produced by the use of the drug commonly known as RU-486, recently approved for use in this country by the Federal Drug Administration. Proponents of the drug believe that it will make abortion more accessible to American women as well as less traumatic, both because it can be performed earlier in a pregnancy than a surgical abortion and because the woman herself is more actively engaged in the process. And because RU-486 can be taken in any doctor’s office, women will not have to brace the nearly constant protests at abortion clinics, another factor that should alleviate the difficulty in obtaining abortions.”

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