Portrayal of Nurses in Movies

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Nurses as sex objects or avenging angels. Focus on film “Misery” as example of nurse with personality disorder.

In the 1970s, nurses in films tended to be either sex objects or harridans engendering fear, in both cases rather than caring professionals. This division also generally reflected an age difference as well, with the sex-object nurses being young and beautiful, and with older nurses presented as overbearing and unattractive. This division was and continues to be most evident in comedies, though it also seeps into more serious dramas which include nurses as well. Certainly, there are exceptions, but the fact that this has been a more apparent choice is shown in complaints by professionals that negative stereotypes of shallow or seductive female nurses continue to be reinforced in movies and on television (Forgacs, 1996). This sex-object nurse has a long history, appearing in the late 1950s in comedies like Operation Petticoat (1959) and emerging in even..

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