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Covers period 1945-1970. Brief history of the disease, 1950 Polio epidemic. Focus on polio victims & their survivors; search for a cure; research; vaccine development, Drs. Salk & Sabin.

“This research paper presents the topic of polio and its effect on the United States from 1945 to 1970. Included in the discussion are the events that led to the polio outbreak in the 1940s, what happened to the victims and those surrounding the victims, and the “race” for the cure of polio.

“1945 Polio Outbreak
“Polioviruses are believed to have been widely circulated prior to the 18th century. It is postulated that initial infections took place in early infancy, when maternal antibodies transplacentally acquired, were at there highest. Lifelong exposure then provided continual boosting of immunity and paralytic infections were found to be rare.”

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