Overtime and Insurance for Nurses

Medical and Health / April 23, 2015 / No Comments /
A paper which discusses the concept of mandatory overtime for nurses, studies its effect on them and their patients and how it is linked to the insurance industry.

The author of this paper discusses the cumulative effective of poor health on the patients of overworked and overstressed nurses. It illustrates how mandatory overtime is disadvantageous for all in the end and ties this in with the whole insurance debate. The paper takes an individual case to asses and illustrate the points raised in the paper.
“In the particular case of the Maryland nurses, we can see how the interests of health care professionals and patients can in many ways be seen to be in opposition to the interests of insurance companies. While the bill was supported by the Maryland State Board of Nursing and the Maryland Nurses Association as well as by a number of patients’ rights and consumer groups, it was opposed by hospitals and insurance companies and HMOS.”

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